Immunizations Chart Tab Features

Previous Encounter Date

The Previous Encounter Date will display encounter dates where immunizations were documented. Select an encounter date to view or edit the immunizations saved for that day.

Template Blue Bars/Sections

Immunization templates are organized into different "blue bars" or sections. Each section can track 1 to many immunizations administered, reported or refused for the current encounter. Click on a blue bar to display the immunizations for that section e.g. Age 0-6 Years.

Vaccine Window

The Vaccine window is available when selecting a new immunization to add or an existing immunization to edit. This window allows the user to access and update the all of the administration/refusal data for the individual vaccine. De-select the Vaccine Applied checkbox to remove an immunization. 

The vaccine window will display the following elements:

  • Description
  • Dose
  • Vaccine Applied
  • Source
  • Date/Time Given
  • Next Due Date
  • Refusal and Refusal Reason
  • VIS Publication Date
  • VIS Given Date
  • VFC Eligibility
  • Funding Source
  • NDC
  • Manufacturer
  • Lot Number
  • Expiration Date
  • Ordered By
  • Admin By
  • Admin At
  • Amount and Units
  • Site
  • Route
  • Reaction

Immunizations History

The Immunizations History screen displays a list of recorded immunizations and upcoming immunization doses in the Upcoming section for any immunizations setup as a series.