How do I enable the use of Intake Links for Intelligent Intake?

This article describes the benefits, considerations, and setup items for enabling Intake Links for the Intelligent Intake feature. Enabling this within the workflow will allow patients to fill out paperwork and sign up for their patient portal accounts with minimal effort from practice staff. 

Key Benefits of Enabling Intake Links

  • Send Intake Links to Patients via Text or Email
    • Links may be sent to patients manually or automatically to their preferred contact method.
    • Patients will click the link to access the form on any mobile device or computer.
  • Decreased manual creation of My Medical Locker accounts by staff.
    • Staff creating patient charts only need to enter a phone number or email into the demographics for a patient to receive paperwork that is automatically assigned to an appointment type. 
    • No more manually creating Temporary MML accounts or connecting the patient prior to them starting an Intake form.
  • Increased ease of use for patients.
    • Patients to verify themselves via two-factor authentication and access the link on any mobile device or browser.
    • Since the patient will not need a username or password to access the form, there will be an increased chance of the patient successfully accessing and completing the paperwork prior to their scheduled appointment.
    • A patient may set up their own account at the end of the form and only provide a password to successfully connect themselves to MML. This will make it easier for the patient to access the account in the future.
If the patient completes the setup of their MML account this may count towards the MIPS measure for providing electronic access.

Considerations & Tips

This is a major change to the practice workflow and patient experience. It should not be done without proper preparation and configurations. Be mindful that each practice may be slightly different in current setups and workflow.
  • Test out the process yourself and experience what that patient sees by setting up test patient accounts in the system.
    • Keep in mind that most intakes were originally built with the intention for the patients to complete forms on a practice-supplied iPad. It is very important that you test each intake form on a mobile device as the formatting may be different than what you would expect on a larger screen. Formatting changes can be made to intakes by submitting a TCRF via support.
  • Read all linked articles below and those within them to ensure all settings are accounted for.
  • Take into account all situations where intakes are being filled out:
    • New Patients AND Established Patients
      • At Home
      • In-Office - Waiting Room
      • Back Office (Consent forms / Questionnaires)
      • Manually vs Automatically assigned
      • Completing forms on Mobile device vs practice supplied iPad
      • Modify call center workflows for creating MML accounts
      • Educate staff on upcoming changes

Steps to Complete

  1. Setup Items
  2. Configuration
  3. Testing & Utilization