Send an Electronic Prescription from a Drug Search

Follow these steps to search for a drug and send an electronic prescription:

  1. Access the Prescriptions/Medications Chart Tab.
  2. Type in the Drug Name you wish to prescribe.

  3. Select the desired Drug Strength.

  4. Click on a Prescription Field to edit the prescription.
  5. Edit the Prescription Details as appropriate and press the Done button.
  6. Click on the Diagnosis field to indicate a primary and/or secondary diagnosis for the prescription.

  7. Search for a new diagnosis or select a previously used diagnosis code and press the Done button.

  8. Select the More button to change which RxFill messages you wish to receive for this prescription.

  9. Pick the Fill Statuses you wish to receive. Press the Done button.

  10. Make sure the correct Pharmacy is selected. If not, search for the pharmacy.
  11. Press the Send button.

  12. For patients < 19 years, height and weight are required. Select to use the latest vitals record on file or enter a new height and weight. Press the Save button.

  13. If Real-Time Benefit Check is setup and selected, review the coverage information then press the Send as Prescribed button.