Revenue Cycle Wheel - Submit - Overview

The Submit category represents Claim Submissions that currently exist in the system.  These fall into one of 3 sub-categories.  Clicking on the sub-category will display the types of submissions that make up the count.  These could be 837 Electronic Claims, 837 Institutional Claims, Paper Claims, or Statements.  Clicking the magnifying glass on the right of each line will open the Claim Submissions screen with the detail information for the sub-category that was selected.

  • Pending Submissions - Submissions that have been created but have not been sent out.  These submissions are waiting to be reviewed and processed.
  • Response Submissions - Submissions that have been created, sent out, and are now waiting a response from the payer.
  • Error Submissions - Submissions that contain at least one error.  These submissions need to reviewed and the error needs to be resolved, ignored, or excluded from the submission batch.