How can I add a custom adjustment to a manual EOB?

When posting a Payer EOB, you may find yourself wanting to add a custom adjustment. This process involves adding the custom CARC codes and setting them up to work as desired, then adding them with the other adjustments on the procedure line of your EOB. 

First of all, you need to identify the code that you want to use. We have limited options, to prevent users from mistakenly adding non-standard CARC codes. If you see a code you'd like to use, but that isn't on this list, please let us know and we can add it as a possibility. 

Currently available codes: 

  • CF - Collection Fee
  • CW - Courtesy Write Off

Any of these codes are available to add to your system. First, go to the Deposits screen, and click the large gear at the top right. Then, select Setup, and ERA CARC: 

When it comes up, you can immediately start entering the code you want to add, and its associated information. For a courtesy write-off, you may set it up like the following: 

You can see here that I've set the Reason Code to CW, I haven't entered a group, and I've set that it will treat anything posted like this as a Courtesy Write-Off. 

Looking at my claim while posting, I can enter this as a typical adjustment, but using my custom reason of CW: 

When complete, I can see on my Transaction History for the claim that this payment was correctly posted as a courtesy write-off: