Overview of My Tasks - Prescriptions - Refills

The Refills section within the My Tasks Prescription portal is used to manage electronic refill requests sent to your practice by either your patient (via MyMedicalLocker) or by the pharmacy (via the SureScripts network).

Pharmacy Refill Requests

As a practice, you will be able to determine if you receive refill requests from the pharmacy or not.  This setting must be configured by a member of our support team. Please contact support to have this setup: How to Contact Support.

Once enabled, refill requests initiated by the pharmacy will flow into the Refill queue.  Your team will be able to review, triage, and approve, replace, or deny the request.

Patient Refill Requests

Additionally, you may find it beneficial to allow your patients to request refills of medications as well via MyMedicalLocker (aka Patient Portal).  To enable this feature, simply activate this setting:  Company Setting: Prescription Settings and Rules - MyMedicalLocker - MyMedicalLocker Prescription Refills