Schedule an Appointment

Scheduling an Appointment

Appointments can be scheduled via an open schedule, placeholders, or from searching for an open appointment in the iScheduler.

Video Guide

Schedule via an Open Schedule:

1.    Navigate to the iScheduler


2.    Select Date and Resource for the appointment to be scheduled

3.    Search for Patient (top right corner of iScheduler)

4.    Select Patient (Name of patient will display in upper, right-hand corner)

5.    On the schedule, select the date and time to add appointment. Select Click to add appointment

6.    Enter details for the appointment (Appointment Type and Location are required), then select OK

Schedule via Placeholder

  1. Select appropriate Resource and date for desired appointment
  2. Select the Placeholder, right click, Assign


3. Appointment Type and Location will be assigned, enter Chief Complaint as needed, select OK

Schedule via Search Open

  1. Select the Search Open to display appointments based on any combination of Resource, Location, Length, or Appointment Type within a designated time period.  

BEST PRACTICE: To filter by Appointment Type, the Resource needs to be associated with that Appointment Type in Resource setup. Select Search to display results.

2. Select the Placeholder icon to assign patient to desired placeholder

3. Enter Chief Complaint as needed, then select OK