Reverse a Credit Card Payment (Receipts Screen)

To reverse a credit card payment that was taken through the integrated credit card processing portal, follow the step-by-step guide below.

Step-By-Step Instructions

  1. Open the Billing Portal from the lower left hand corner.

  2. Open the Receipts window from the left-hand navigation pane.

  3. Search for the patient name or chart number, or navigate to the Advanced Search window.

  4. Set the date of the receipt and choose the "OfficeEMR" Receipt Type

  5. Click Search at the bottom of the Advanced Search to run the search.

  6. Double-Click on the Receipt desired to open it and view details.

  7. To confirm this receipt was run through the PaySimple integration, you will see this in the Source field:

  8. To reverse the payment, click the "Reverse Receipt" button to void or reverse payment.

  9. You will have a window to enter a comment for this reversal. The Refund credit card payment box will be checked by default and the credit card payment will be reversed. Save your entry.

  10. If you do NOT want to reverse the credit card payment, make sure that the box is unchecked before saving.