Release 22.01 - February 4th, 2022

New Features and Updates


  • U11124 - New '12 Diagnosis' Codes logic:  The system has now been updated to allow up to 12 Diagnosis codes on a claim. These updates allow practices that participate in new and evolving payment models to capture these additional codes which may affect reimbursement.  Diagnosis codes that are added to a claim can be found throughout the system in various reports and processes - these areas of the system have also been updated to account for these additional codes.
  • U9138 - Created reversal process for payments:  Based on client feedback, iSalus has been in the process of planning and implementing a multi-stage overhaul of its financial system. In support of our commitment to improvement, we are changing how all non-deposit Payments are removed from a claim. A newly-designed company setting allows sites to indicate that the Removal of Payments Is Done Using the Reversal Process. When set to Yesnon-deposit Payments can no longer be deleted completely -- instead, the payment is reversed, posting an additional offsetting payment line with the current day as its post date. For more information on the company setting click here, or click here to learn about how to reverse payments with the new setting turned on. 
  • U10663 - Chrome compatibility conversion:  Since Microsoft® has begun the process of phasing out Internet Explorer, we have started converting the remaining areas of our software (that were previously only compatible with IE) to be fully compatible with Chrome.  

    Please note, we will be performing this conversion on the remaining 'IE-only' compatible sections of the software with subsequent releases. With this release, the newly converted areas that are now Chrome compatible are:

    • The Patient Advanced Search functionality has been converted and updated for the following screens: Setup, EMR, iScheduler, Billing, and eDocuments



  • As part of our ongoing enhancements and upgrades to the insurance eligibility module, we have added a new Eligibility section to the Setup > Payers screen so that payer-specific settings can be easily found and managed. This allows your practice to have more control over how eligibility checks are run at a payer level. To learn more about this section and new functionality click here.
    • U9077 - Alternate Eligibility Payer ID setting:  
      • The 'Do not perform 270 eligibility' setting was moved from the Authorization section to the new Eligibility section.  This should make finding and managing payer-specific settings even easier.
      • Added a new 'Alternate Eligibility Payer ID' setting. If this has a value then it will be sent in the 270 Eligibility file. This is helpful when the payer ID that is used to submit claims to the payer is different than the payer ID that should be used when running insurance eligibility verifications.
    • U10509 - New Payer override based on NPI Location:  Added a new Payer setting which will allow the system to override the NPI used for Eligibility at the Payer level. This addresses scenarios where an individual payer operates differently than the default profile you have configured for batch eligibility checks.
    • U9156 - Added new Eligibility queue:  Previously in the Batch Eligibility process, when an Insurance/Payer was unable to be checked, the system would set the status of the check to Inactive with a message stating, 'That payer does not perform eligibility checks'. Now those checks will fall under a new queue called Payer Does Not Perform Eligibility:
    • U9075 - Easier access to Eligibility screen:  When clicking on a record in the Batch Eligibility screen, the status of the last Eligibility check is displayed. Now within that screen, users can simply double-click the Insurance Plan name (under the Patient Appointments section) to quickly access the Eligibility screen:
  • U12390 - My Tasks > Eligibility queue updates:  Renamed the Primary column header to Payer. Now the system will display the 'Payer' that is Inactive, Needs Review, or is Pending (instead of just the Primary payer):
  • U12519 - New 'Pending' queue logic:  Previously, if an item was in the Pending queue there was no way to move it out. Now, if a real-time check is performed or if a user marks the Eligibility as 'Active', it will be moved out of the Pending queue into the applicable queue. 

Billing Wheel

  • U12729 - Claims not displaying in the Billing Wheel:  Claims that did not have an Aging Date set on them were not displaying in the Billing Wheel under the Manage > No Response After 7 Days > Step 1 queues (for both electronic and paper):


  •  U12424 - Added new columns to the 'Statement ePayments' report:  Added Transaction Date, Batch ID, and Transaction ID columns to the Billing > Deposits > More > Statement ePayments report:


  • U9138 - Created reversal process for payments:  As mentioned in the General feature changes, created a new company setting to ensure payments created from receipts or the Transaction History are reversed instead of deleted. For more information on the company setting click here, or click here to learn about how to reverse payments with the new setting turned on.



  • U12356 - Added CCM and RPM Enrollment dates to Patient Hover-Over display:  When hovering over a patient name in the iScheduler or the EMR, if the patient is enrolled for either CCM or RPM, the enrollment dates will now be displayed above the Chart #:


  • U12727 - PRN Refill method no longer supported:  With the latest Surescripts update (Release 21.14), the Refill value of PRN is no longer accepted as a valid refill. To avoid confusion, 'Not Supported' has now been added to the end of the Refill. 


My Task Counts

  • U12604 - Added Print/Download functionality to the 'My Task Counts' report:  Added Print and Download buttons to the My Task Counts report:

Bug Fixes and Minor Changes

My Tasks 


  • B12734 - Some Lab Results not displaying:  Lab Results with a note type of TX were not being displayed in the My Tasks > Orders results queue.

Fax Updox/MyFax

  • U12551 - Reinstated strike-through functionality for deleted/moved faxes:  In a previous release, the strike-through functionality was removed for deleted/moved faxes so the fax would immediately be removed from the fax queue. With this release, the strike-through functionality has been reinstated and a deleted/moved fax will only be removed from the queue when the screen is manually refreshed.

Patient Portal

  • B12593 - Unable to attach items to Communications or Reminders:  Within the Patient Portal queue, users were not able to attach items to a Communication or Reminder. 
  • B12585 - Duplicate Patient Messages received from MML:  When sending a message from MyMedicalLocker, if a patient repeatedly clicked the <Send> button, it would result in duplicate messages being created in the My Tasks > Patient Portal queue. This issue has been resolved by limiting the number of times a patient can click <Send> on the same message.



  • U12666 - CCDA Problem List missing individually-coded Problem details:  If a SNOWMED code was not linked to a Problem List item,  then the individually-coded Problem details were not displayed in the CCDA Summary. This issue has been resolved. 
  • B12670 - CCDA Vitals missing BMI units:  BMI units were not displaying under the Vitals section of the Summary of Care report 
  • U12661 - Updated MIPS Certification:  Updated the MIPS Certification ID for 2022. The new Certification ID is 0015ES795WE7KVF.



  • B12655 - Improved performance of Timeline/Fishbone screen:  Some users experienced slowness when accessing the Fishbone graph from the Vitals on the Summary Timeline. 


  • U12627 - Updated Immunization NDC List:  In order to keep the Immunization documentation up to date, the list of NDC codes found in the Immunization setup has been updated.
  • U12628 - Updated Immunization Dates:  Dates for Immunizations have been updated to 2022 where applicable.

Order Entry

  • B12707 - Logos and Provider Signatures not printing on Order Requisitions:  Provider Signatures as well as Company Logos/Headers that were significantly smaller or larger than the suggested size were no longer printing on the Order Requisitions.


  • B12577 - Error when loading Medications for some patients:  The system would throw an error when loading the Medications chart tab for some patients. This happened if there was an error communicating with DrFirst when trying to validate SMS-enabled phone numbers. Since a phone number is only required when sending electronic prescriptions, the system will now log those communication errors in the background while allowing the Medications list to load. 

SOAP Notes/Letters

  • B12723 - Font size printing too small:  For some SOAP/Progress Notes and Letters, the font size was printing too small when the document was printed out.