Unsolicited Documents

This article describes the purpose and effects of the Unsolicited Document setup screen. This document is written for both practice administrators as well as vendors utilizing the Unsolicited Document API.

 This screen is enabled as part of the Unsolicited Document product (an iSalus Administrator will need to enable this). This screen defines the behavior and requirements for inbound documents coming from Webservice Accounts utilizing the document API. Documents that DO NOT meet all defined conditions must be reconciled within My Tasks > eDocuments > Unsolicited queue. Following the reconciliation of missing information, the eDocument may be saved to the patient's chart and accessed within the eDocuments. See more information on the Unsolicited Documents API here as well as the Unsolicited queue within My Tasks - eDocuments.

Each webservice account associated with the database with an assigned API Key will be listed on the screen. Each webservice account would need to be set up on this screen to define the behavior and data expectations.

Steps to Complete New Setup

  1. Login to OfficeEMR with a user with appropriate privileges (Role: 'Unsolicited Document Setup')
  2. Navigate to Setup > eDocument Setup - Unsolicited Documents
  3. Select the desired Webservice Account from the list
  4. Configure the options to fit the desired workflow of documents being received by the third-party vendor. Use the table below for reference to the effect of each option.

Screen Definitions

eDocument FieldRequired BehaviorDefault BehaviorNotes & Supplementary API
Document TypeRequests with a missing DocumentTypeID will be rejected if no default exists.If no DocumentTypeID is provided by the vendor in the request the document will take the default document type assigned in the screen. Document Types Setup
[GET] Document Types
Save FolderRequests with a missing FolderID will be rejected if no default exists.If a FolderID is not provided by the vendor a default may be set so that the document is consistently stored within the desired location.These represent the eDocument Folder the document would be saved to.
[GET] Folders
eDocument ReviewRequests with a missing Reviewer JSON string will be rejected if no default exists.
ex. {"reviewerTypeID":1,"ReviewerID":1}
If a Reviewer string is missing from the request, the default will be used. A user or user group may be supplied to define the eDocument review assignment.
[GET] Users
[GET] User Groups
File NameRequests without a filename will be rejected if no default exists.If no FileName is received for the document, the default will be used.This will be the displayed filename within eDocuments. It is recommended to supply a default for this value if the vendor only sends 1 type of document.