Customization - Templates, Orders, PDF Layouts

Purpose of Document
 This outline defines an overview of what the customization process could look like during an implementation. Included are the following sections: Templates (Exams, Procedures, ROS, HPI, Questionnaires, Patient Hx, Family Hx, Social, etc.), Order Sets (Follow-Ups, Lab Studies, Imaging, Referrals, Procedures/Surgeries), PDF Layouts (Order Forms, Prescriptions, Visit Notes, Letters, Company Letterhead).

When your practice enters an implementation you will receive a *Welcome Packet* which will ask you to provide a fee schedule for your practice; The procedures on that schedule will have to be documented in our system using templates. If you have existing templates or examples of the documentation your current process produces, we will be able to recreate those within our system.

What do you need from us?

  • Clinical contact to be used for future discussions regarding exams, procedures, patient history, and their documentation on the final encounter notes.
  • Examples of current Templates
  • Cooperation. The customization process allows your practice to determine exactly how you would like to document your visits. In order to accomplish that we will need feedback from key members of your clinical staff.

How long will this take?

  • This usually takes place as soon as possible following receipt of the Welcome Packet. After that, customization will continue to take place during most of the implementation.

 Similar to templates, they are very customizable and require clinical staff to verify they fit your practice needs. Along with orders come laboratory *Interfaces*, radiology order forms, specialist referrals, and surgeries.

What do you need from us?

  • Any paper order forms you are currently using for any of the above order types.
  • Meetings to be discuss workflows and requirements to attach for outgoing orders. (See *Order Fulfillment*)
  • Current lab compendiums (if not provided from interface)

PDF Layouts & Printing 
 Also referred to as requisitions, both static and dynamic information that is printed on any order forms, letters, custom prescriptions, or letterheads will fall into this category.

What do you need from us?

  • Please provide electronic examples of what printed exam notes, return to school/work notes, order forms, or other consents your practice may use.