Using the Prescription Adherence Integration with Dr. First

The Prescription Adherence Integration is built directly into the prescribing workflow and intended to be a frictionless experience for the user creating the medication. Our application will automatically identify a list of available SMS-enabled phone numbers that the patient has on file with you. From there, providers will need to simply verify the correct SMS-enabled phone number to send the information to for the patient.

Provider Workflow: Sending Prescription Education and Adherence information to the patient

  1. Print or Send a prescription as you normally would from the Prescriptions chart tab.
  2. On the Prescription Pad, select the best SMS-enabled phone number for the patient.
  3. Print or Send the prescription.

Patient Experience:  Receiving the Text and Access

  1. The patient will receive a text at the number provided shortly after the prescription is print or sent.
  2. The patient will click the link and verify their date of birth.
  3. The patient will have access to the following information for this medication:
    1. Pharmacy Details
    2. Drugg, Strength, and Quantity
    3. Patient Education
    4. Savings Coupons
    5. Pick-Up Reminders
  4. Access Patient Education:
  5. Access Co-Pay Assistance coupons for brand-name drugs:
  6. Access Discount cards for generic medications:
  7. Set up Pick-Up reminders: