Summary of Care Overview

The Summary of Care section within Reports exists so that practice users and/or internal staff can set up manual or interfaced exports of C-CDAs. Depending on the use case and volume, you may decide one option is more viable than the other. This article will describe the functionality within the Summary of Care screen and associates processes.

Function Definitions


This button will allow a practice user to import an external source's CCDA. This will require the user has the .XML file saved locally to their machine. Once imported if more than 1 patient meets the search criteria for the data a list of potential matches will be displayed. The user will be required to select the appropriate patient and "Attach" the record.


The search will allow a practice user to search all CCDs already generated for a specific patient and/or date range. Once the search criteria is entered a list of patients and post dates will be returned. These can be selected to view the historical CCDA.


The export options will allow you to either export CCDAs manually or automatically. Files will be generated as .XML files.

Single Patient

In the event, you need to export a single patient's CCDA the "Single Patient" option should be selected from the Export dropdown. There are no interface options with single patient exports.


The most commonly used option for export is the "Schedule", this option allows a practice user to set up Manual CCDA Exports or Interfaced CCDA Exports using either the TPSReceiver.exe or an Iguana SFTP transfer. There is a wide variety of options available for the timing and scope of the exports being scheduled. Read more on determining the appropriate export type(s) to use.

Transition of Care / Referral

The Transition of Care section allows for a provider or ancillary staff member to refer patients to outside providers using a CCDA. The reason and affiliated providers can be specified prior to exporting or sending via direct email. A direct email must be on file for the provider receiving the new patent. Otherwise, the CCDA will need to be exported to the local computer and transmitted by other means external to OfficeEMR.

Direct Email

This option is used as the inbox for the CCDA received via Direct Email. Similar to the Import screen, potential matches for the file will be displayed in a list and a practice user will be responsible for Attaching the record to a patient chart.


Determines the CCDA version used when exporting.