Using the "Rescheduled" Status

The "Rescheduled" status allows a practice to create a new appointment for a patient when they need to move the date/time/location of their appointment. This status also alerts the reminder system and prevents the system from sending out incorrect or outdated appointment information. 

When should we use the Rescheduled status?

The practice may determine that the rescheduled status should be used when the date, time, location, or resource needs to be changed for the patient's appointment. The practice may also determine that the patient will need to receive an appointment reminder for updated appointment information. The status change will also allow the practice to efficiently manage the patient's appointment history by reviewing past appointments in the "Rescheduled Status."

How to use the Rescheduled status

To reschedule an appointment, simply right click over the appointment and choose the "Rescheduled" status from the list of options

The user will be presented with the Cancel Comments window, where they are able to add any applicable comments for the reason to reschedule. Click OK.

The system will present the user with a trailing "copy" cursor where they are able to create a new appointment, using the original appointment details

Simply click and drop (or right click to assign to a placeholder) to create the newly rescheduled appointment

How to "hide" rescheduled appointments

If you wish to "hide" or make the rescheduled appointments disappear once they are rescheduled, the Company Setting: Display Rescheduled Appointments on the schedule, should be unchecked