Company Setting: Create Deposit Credit Error

Function: This setting is used to determine how the system handles credit balances when they're created through the deposit posting process. Each value has its own setting for: 

  1. Whether the credit is auto-created on the claim. If credits are auto-created, you will not need to work the missing visit report to find and address these refunds -- you'll just need to ensure that the correct credit has been created before refunding.
  2. Whether an error is created on the claim. If you choose to create an error on the claim, the system requires you to immediately decide what to do with this credit, or whether to ignore it. If you want to handle refunds as a part of the posting process, you can select one of the options that creates errors -- otherwise, if credits aren't auto-created and no error is created on the claim, you'll need to have your staff work the Missing Refund Report. 
  3. Whether the claim status is changed. If you select one of the options where the claim status is changed, when a credit balance is detected, the system will change the status of the claim to be the value of the company setting Credit Deposit Claim Status

Possible Settings:

ValueCredit Auto-Created on ClaimError Created on ClaimClaim Status Changed
5Patient NoYes