Send an Electronic Prescription Using USB Token EPCS

Follow these steps to send a controlled substance using your USB EPCS token:

  1. Access the Prescriptions/Medications Chart Tab.
  2. Search and select the desired drug and complete the necessary prescribing steps, making sure to follow the applicable new prescription EPCS rules.
  3. Press the Send button.

  4. If Real-Time Benefit Check is setup and selected, review the coverage information then press the Send as Prescribed button.

  5. When prompted, enter your unique 4-digit PIN number and click OK.

  6. The system will prompt the user to complete two-factor authentication. Press the I Agree button.

  7. Enter the password for your USB Token and press the OK button.

  8. If successful, you will receive the following message. Remove your USB token. The prescription has been electronically signed and sent to the pharmacy.