Sign Up & Implement the Intelligent Intake

Request an Intelligent Intake Demonstration

Your first step towards implementing this in your practice is to see this in action by requesting a demonstration. Once submitted our team will reach out to you to coordinate a time. After the meeting, you will be asked to provide your current forms so that an estimation of effort can be made and the matching agreement. Once the contract is returned, we will begin the configuration process.

Work with Implementation to Configure Forms and Train Staff

Depending on the complexity, the implementation phase typically takes 1-2 weeks concluding with staff training for both Front Office and Clinical staff prior to go-live with your new feature. This time will also be used to train administration team member(s) on how to setup the intake values moving forward. The areas that require our help to modify are clinical templates and letters. Following the Implementation phase, these types of requests will be made through a template change request form.

Depending on how and when you want your patients to complete the forms you may need to acquire additional hardware for patients to use in the waiting room or clinic (for procedure consents). 

You can find our hardware recommendations on the iSalus Healthcare website. The iPad Setup.pdf is required before they are ready to be used.