Claim Procedure Lines Export

The Claim Procedure Lines Export extracts the procedure lines related to patient claims  Below you will find a detailed definition of possible inputs and outputs.  

Data Location:  Billing > Billing Account Query > Claim


  •  Start Date: Beginning encounter date
  • End Date:  Ending encounter date range
  • Submission:  Flag to indicate if the claim has been submitted
  • Status:  List of claim statuses to filter by
  • Claim Sub Status: List of claim sub statuses to filter by.
  • Payer: List of primary payers to filter by.
  • Location: List of service locations to filter by.
  • Rendering: List of rendering providers to filter by
  • Referring: List of referring providers to filter by
  • Supervising: List of supervising providers to filter by
  • Ordering: List of ordering providers to filter by
  • Owner: List of claim owners to filter by


  • Claim_Number:  Unique ID for the claim
  • Sort_Order:  The order that the procedure is sorted on the claim
  • From_Date:  Beginning date of procedure
  • To_date:  Ending date of procedure
  • Procedure_Code: The procedure code (aka CPT Code)
  • POS: Place of service code
  • TOS: Type of service code
  • Units:  Number of units
  • Charge:  Chare per unit
  • Extended_Charge: Units * Charge
  • Modifier 1-4:  Modifiers assigned to the procedure
  • ICD9 1-8:  The diagnoses codes assigned to the procedure.  NOTE:  This will contain both ICD 9 and ICD 10 codes. ICD 10 codes will not contain a period.
  • Start_Time:  Start time for procedure
  • End_Time: End time for procedure
  • Tax_Amount: Amount of tax assigned to procedure
  • Tax_rate: Tax percentage
  • Diagnosis_ID:  Unique ID for procedure line
  • Created_By: User ID of user that added the procedure line to the claim
  • Posted: Date/Time procedure was added to the claim