All Staff Trainings and Q&A Sessions

All Staff Trainings

All staff training will take place during weeks 9-11. Superusers are expected to help coordinate trainings for their staff. The iSalus Implementation Implementation team is flexible when it comes to offering different training modules. We will do our best to accommodate different learning styles, while also following the training agreement per the original sales agreement. 

Our team offers webinar-style trainings and Q&A sessions. Sessions may be hosted either live or simulated live, depending on the specific need. Practices may also choose to host their own internal trainings. Superusers may work with their iSalus Project Manager(s) to determine the best training plan for their practice.  

The following user groups are expected to receive training prior to go-live:

  • Front Office
  • Nurses
  • Medical Assistants
  • Providers
  • Orders
  • Surgery
  • Pre-Cert/Auth
  • Coders
  • AR Reps Follow up
  • CSR’s-collections
  • Payment Posters

At the conclusion of week 11, Superusers will acknowledge that their staff received the appropriate trainings in preparation for go-live.