Release 20.1.9 - Patch Release June 4th, 2020

New Features



  • One-Click Copy for Previous Encounters:  We have added an option that will allow users to copy forward all encounter-based details from one visit date to the next within a single screen. This will include copying forward encounter-based templates, superbills, orders, and problem list notes. Read more about this new functionality here.


  • CoverMyMeds: Practices can now run real-time benefits checks for prescriptions within the Medications chart tab.  Please review the documentation in this link for help with utilizing this new functionality: CoverMyMeds Overview


Deposit Posting

Added new logic to handle Deposit Postings that result in a credit:  Practices can now select how they want an insurance credit applied (instead of just being auto-applied.) To handle this, a new company setting has been added called, "Create Deposit Credit Error" where uses can select values ranging from 1-3. Depending on which value is selected, the credit will be handled in the following way:

  1. Create the credit with a credit error
  2. Create the credit but do not create a credit error
  3. Do not create a credit or a credit error

Updates and Bug Fixes

My Tasks


  • Resource list not populating in Superbill Reset Wizard:  The resource list within the Reset Missing Superbills wizard was not populating when using Chrome.


  • Communication display issues in Chrome:  When using Chrome, users had to click an in-office Communication twice in order to read it (Communications should only require 1-click to display.) This has been resolved. 

Patient Portal

  • User Setting - Max Number of Page Rows: The number of pages can be set for My Tasks data request, including the Patient Portal task list items. The number of rows set can be configured per page by each individual user.


Quick Pay

  • Charge Amount: The Charge Amount on the Quick Pay screen will now automatically refresh when information on the Claim tab is modified/saved.



  • Unable to print eDocuments in Chrome: Resolved an issue where users were unable to print eDocuments from the patient chart tab when using Chrome v 83 update.
  • Printing eDocs in Internet Explorer:  In the past, when printing an eDocument from internet Explorer, a users browser may become unresponsive.  Going forward,  users will need to RIGHT CLICK on the print preview window and select the "Print' option from the menu - this uses the built-in print feature in Internet Explorer. 


  • Unable to close Dialysis Schedule Setup window:  Within the Dialysis Visits chart tab, when users tried to set up a new Patient Dialysis Schedule, the setup window was positioned where users could not see the 'X' in order to close it. This was due to the Chrome v 83 update.  This has been resolved.  

SOAP Note 

  • Custom SOAP notes not loading with SOAP note type: For Chrome users, custom SOAP notes were not automatically loading the data when launching the SOAP notes chart tab. The SOAP note type was also defaulting to 'Base' instead of the associated note type. This has now been resolved.



  • Added new Service Date logic:  When payers do not supply a service date on an ERA for the procedure code, a 'Procedure Code Conflict' error was occurring. New logic has been added so that if the Service Date is blank for the procedure code, the system will now use the Service date from the Claim.
  • Added hover-over to Deposit Claims screen:  Added a hover-over to the Claim ID on the Deposits Claim Details screen. When users hover over the ID, additional details will be displayed without having to actually click into the claim:
  • Claim Status/Level/Billing Type were not updating correctly:  When Payer EOBs were being posted, the Claim Status/Level/Billing type were not automatically updating based on the business rules setup. Now, the Claim Status and Claim Level will be auto-set and will auto-update when any of the following changes occur.
    • Adding a claim/setting remit status
    • Updating remit status
    • Changing payment values (Allowed, Coinsurance, Copay, Deductible)
    • Changing/Adding CARC values
    • Changing/Adding Service Line


  • Added new search filters on the Posting screen:  Added a new section to the Advanced Search screen called Claim Provider/Locations which contains two new filters: Rendering Provider and Service.  
  • In order to see these new columns when viewing search results, both need to be enabled under the More > Change Display Settings screen:


  • Text messages sent from the Choice Software suite were being blocked by some mobile carriers: In order to prevent carriers from inadvertently blocking messages sent from MyMedicalLocker, AnywhereCare, and OfficeEMR mobile. All text messages sent to patients will now come from the phone number: 50120.