Manual CCDA Exports

The option to manually set up and download CCDA exports to a local machine is now available in the Summary of Care - Export > Schedule section. This will allow practice users or others with access to the client database to set up recurring or one-time exports for a variety of scopes. This article describes the steps to set up and complete a manual CCDA export to a local machine.


  1. Since exports are a taxing process both on the system (while preparing) and your computer (during download), be cognizant of the size of the data and the time of the export.
    ex. Exporting the entire 500k patient population in the middle of the clinic may cause slowness for all staff members using the software. It may be worth exporting over the weekend and downloading the files on Monday morning.
  2. Export Date: Be cognizant of whether you select Encounter or Latest Encounter in the Provider and Completed Notes options. The encounter will pull each instance of a CCDA for the selected date range for the patient, the Latest Encounter will only pull the most up-to-date information for the patient.
  3. A highly specific Alias should be set for each export you set up.
    ex."MIPS Monthly Export for MyCCD Company"

Steps to Complete

Add a New Export

  1. Navigate to Reports
  2. Under the EMR category, select Summary of Care
  3. Export > Schedule
  4. Select ADD
    • Within the Add Schedule window:
      • Export Type = Manual
      • TPS Type = Any (Not relevant for manual exports, but still required)
      • Select any of the three options depending on your use case: Entire Population, Provider, or Completed Notes
      • Export Date:
        • Encounter = Any encounter in the selected timeframe
        • Latest Encounter = Only the most up-to-date CCDA available for a patient within the parameters
      • Schedule Setup:
        • Specific = The date the export will begin generating the CCDAs, used for one-time exports
        • Recurring = The date the export will begin generating the CCDAs, used for exports needing to repeat on a schedule
      • Alias = Description of reason and intended destination of the export
      • Export Time = Preferably select a time outside of clinic hours. "NOW" is not recommended for large exports
  5. Apply
  6. The export will begin preparing at the date and time set in Add Schedule above. Continue about your other daily tasks and return to the screen the day following the scheduled export.

Download a Prepared Export

  1.  Navigate back to the Summary of Care > Export - Schedule
  2. Select the schedule setup in the prior steps, ensure the status indicates the export is ready for download
  3. Select Export located next to Results and Refresh
  4. Determine the # of files you would like to process per group. Having a smaller number of files/group may help your computer download the files easier.
  5. Select a file location for the .XML files
  6. Files will begin downloading into the directory you selected