Ancillary Medical Staff

Training Overview

Ancillary Medical Staff will be trained on various areas of the EMR, the My Task List, and the eDocuments. The following areas are expected to be understood in order for a successful Go-Live: 

EMR Overview

  1. EMR Overview: Video | Guide
    • Users will receive an overview of the EMR portal. 
  2. User Preferences (Summary Settings)Video | Guide
    • Users will learn how to update the Summary Chart Tab display in the EMR.
  3. HPI Templates: Video | Guide
  4. ROS Templates: Video | Guide
  5. User Template Defaults: Video | Guide
    • Users will learn how to create their own defaults to efficiently document in templated chart tabs. 
  6. Documenting a Pharmacy/Reviewing Patient Preferred: Video | Guide
  7. Medications: Video | Guide
  8. Orders: Video | Guide
  9. Superbill: Video | Guide
    • Users will learn how to write and complete the Superbill.
  10. Documenting a Clinical Visit (Nursing Only): Video | Guide
  11. Manually Entering Lab Results: Video | Guide

My Task List Overview

  1. Sending Communications: Video | Guide
  2. Communications List: Video | Guide
  3. Results Tasks: Video | Guide
  4. Superbill Tasks: Video | Guide
    • Users will learn how to complete outstanding and/or missing Superbills. 
  5. eDocuments Tasks: Video | Guide
  6. Prescription Refills: Video | Guide
  7. Fax UpDox: Video | Guide

eDocuments Overview

  1. eFaxing: Video | Guide
    • Users will learn how to electronically fax an eDocument from the system. 
  2. eFaxing (Specifically Letters): Video | Guide
    • Users will learn how to send a fax from the Letters chart tab.
  3. Scanning and Importing: Video | Guide
    • Users will learn how to efficiently scan documents and import documents in the eDocuments portal. 
  4. Assigning for Review: Video | Guide
    • Users will learn how to send an eDocument to another user.