Using the CoverMyMeds Electronic Prior Authorizations (ePA)

Our application has the ability to integrate with the CoverMyMeds Electronic Prior Authorization (CMM ePA) solution to streamline the process of completing prior authorizations for medications.   Once this feature has been setup for your practice, the following options become available:

My Tasks - CoverMyMeds

  1. Select CoverMyMeds from the MyTasks List
  2. Launch CoverMyMeds by clicking the button on the screen
  3. You will be signed into your CoverMyMeds account automatically or registered as a new user if this is the first time you have launched the program.  Your user will have access to PA's based on the providers you have been assigned to. PA's can be added to this list manually or may be automatically sent here based on prescriptions initiated in our application.
  4. Learn more about the CoverMyMeds ePA App by opening the following user guide: CMM User Guide