Enabling CKCC for a Practice

First Steps to enable CKCC for your practice:  


  1. Open the EMR, access any patient account and open the Patient Setup screen, then click on the Window Settings icon
  2. Choose Setup
  3. Choose Miscellaneous
  4. Search/Select CKCC Status a
  5. Set Selection to CKCC Status and make sure Usage is check-marked, then Save

There are some additional custom practice defined lists to configure, but it is important to understand how your practice will use these CKCC features before configuring these 4 optional - but permanent - practice lists. The reason is that once the list is created, it cannot be deleted (only disabled). This is necessary to preserve historically associated patient data. It is best practice to configure these optional list(s) after a thorough internal review to make determinations on how you are best served utilizing these 4 available custom lists.