Adding a Payer ERA Override


  1. Open the Setup portal
  2. Click on Payers under Billing Setup to open the Payer Search screen
  3. Search for and open a specific Payer
  4. Click the More button and select Payer ERA Overrides
  5. Enter the Adjustment Number in the Reason field
  6. Set the Adjustment Group
  7. Check the Denial Indicator only if this code is viewed as a Denial code for this payer
  8. Enter the ERA Status This is the payment level that the rule will apply to
  9. Enter the Claim Status - This will be the claim status that is applied to the claim 
  10. Enter the Claim Level - This will be the claim level that is applied to the claim
  11. Enter the Payment Type - This will be the payment type that is used to post the adjustment reason

For Claim Status and Claim Level blank fields will indicate that the claim status/level default to the Claim Adjustment Reason setting.