Deleting Lab Results

Currently, when users link results using the unsolicited labs queue, they can unlink those results and the results will be moved back into the unsolicited queue. This functionality will remain exactly as it has been. Access steps to remove results using the unlink and return to unsolicited queue here. This process, however, is limited to the those order result items linked via the Unsolicited Labs queue.

In Release 24.105 we have added new functionality allow users (based on role assignment) to delete lab results from a patient chart. This removal is a permanent action that will delete all instances of the lab results based on the Requisition ID of the Result being viewed, and cannot be undone.  When a result is deleted 

Deleting Lab Results

Access to the action button to Delete Lab Results is driven by User Roles

First, a user must be assigned the role for EMR - Orders under Setup to Remove Lab From Patient Chart. This link directs you to information on Roles and Role Assignment. 

With proper role assignment, if a user wants to permanently delete a lab order result, the user would have access to the Delete Result button by viewing an order lab result in:

My Tasks >  Results

EMR > Patient Chart > Order Entry > Results tab > Open Result 

When a user chooses delete they will encounter a warning that requires confirmation because this Delete action cannot be undone:

Clicking No or Cancel will exit the delete result process. Clicking Yes will permanently delete the result and related data - this action cannot be undone.

Auditing for the deletion of an order result is found in Reports > Audit > Security reports and provides the user, date, time, requisition, and an entry for MML result deletion when that occurs. 

Comparing the difference between use of the existing delete icon in the Unsolicited Labs process which is only accessible from Orders, and the New delete result action that permanently deletes any lab order result which is only accessible from Results: