HL7 Result (ORU) Specifications

HL7 Result Specifications

This document assumes the user has a working knowledge of HL7 standards.  Below you will find the specifications for the Result HL7 file as it relates to OfficeEMR.

MSH2Sending Facility
MSH5Client Account ID
MSH6Header Date
MSH9Message Control ID
MSH10Processing ID
MSH12Version ID2.3 or 2.4  - Can not accept 2.5.1 
OBR2Order Number
OBR4Order InfoOrderID^OrderDescription
OBR7Collection Date
OBR13Specimen Collection
OBR14Specimen Date
OBR15Specimen Source
OBR16Ordering Provider
OBR21Order Site
OBR22Order Date
OBR25Order Status
OBX3Result Information
OBX5Result Value
OBX6Result UOM
OBX7Result Range
OBX8Result Flag
OBX11Result Status
OBX14Result Date
OBX15Lab InformationSee Article
ORC2Manifest ID
PID2Patient Internal ID
PID3Patient External ID
PID5Patient Name
PID7Patient Date of Birth
PID8Patient Gender
PID11Patient Address
PID13Patient Phone
PID19Patient SSN
PV13Service Location
PV17Service ProviderNPI^Last^First

HL7 Result - Special Circumstances

Embedded URL

In the event that a URL needs to be provided in a result so that a user can be linked out to an external site, the below rules are applied.

  1. Links should be located in a NTE record
  2. We ALWAYS convert from http:// to https://


NTE|25|L|Executive summary. CHEST 2012; 141 (2) (Suppl): 7S-47S|||| 
NTE|26|L|Available at:|||| 
NTE|27|L|http://journal.publications.chestnet.org/data/Journals/CHEST/23443/1412S3.pdf|||| NTE|28|L|||||

Embedded PDF

In the event that a PDF needs to be provided in a result, the data should be sent in the following fashion:

  1. PDF should be located in an OBX record
  2. Segment type (OBX.2) should be ED
  3. Data should be base-64 encoded


OBX|3|ST|106^Ethyl Sulfate (ETS)||Detected|ng/mL|500 - 50000|A|||C|||20181002115354000||||||||||