Can I submit electronic claims to a payer which says "Invalid Payer ID" in Payer Setup?

Question:  I just added a payer to my Payer Setup, but the Submission tab has a warning "Invalid Payer ID". Can I submit claims electronically to this payer?


If you are only seeing "Invalid Payer ID' within the Choice Payer Setup window, on the Submission tab, and you have verified that you have entered a valid Payer ID according to the Change Healthcare Payer ID Search, then yes, you can submit electronic claims under that payer ID.

The notification is a warning that the Payer ID is not saved in the Choice-maintained Global Payer List. 

If you have searched the Change Healthcare Payer ID List, and do not receive any results, then the Payer ID to be entered on the Submission tab is PAPER or 99999.