CoverMyMeds Integration Overview

OfficeEMR is integrated with CoverMyMeds Real-Time Benefit Checks & Electronic Prior Authorizations to provide prescribers with prescription price transparency and an electronic prior authorization module directly within the EHR. This feature set is available to all practices at no cost. If you are interested in signing up please complete the Type Form. A support representative will be reaching out once this has been enabled. Before you are ready to begin using the feature you will want to configure the User & Company settings appropriately to initiate the ePA during the prescribing process appropriately. See the Step By Step Guide to review the necessary configurations and gain a deeper understanding of the feature.

Real-Time Benefit Checks (RxBC)

The CoverMyMeds Real-Time Benefit Check module provides prescription cost information at the time of prescribing.  This unique algorithm provides the cost based on the patient's insurance, pharmacy, and drug selected during the prescribing process.  This solution also identifies if a Prior Authorization is required and if a discount card might be available to save the patient some money.

Electronic Prior Authorization (ePA)

This portion of the feature is currently in BETA, a full release of this integration is expected to be available: 10/20. If you are interested in enabling this feature early, please submit a ticket to support or contact your Account Manager.

For years, practices across the country have used the CMM ePA website at no charge to streamline the process of submitting Prior Authorizations on high-dollar medications to ensure patients can get the care they need. The OfficeEMR  - CoverMyMeds Electronic Prior Authorization (CMM ePA) module allows users to automatically submit an ePA within the prescribing workflow. ePAs can be completed within the My Task List - CoverMyMeds ePA.