Super User Training

Superuser Training

At this point in the implementation, Superusers have access to the database and have been shared the introductory training videos. For the next few weeks, the iSalus Implementation team will be working closely with the Superusers to dive much deeper into specific workflows and trainings. 

During weeks 4-6, the Superusers and iSalus Implementation team will be reviewing all various workflows for all user groups in the system. The Superusers will be responsible for understanding and approving all workflows for their designated user groups. 

Weekly Touchpoints

Beginning week 4, Superusers can expect to coordinate a weekly meeting with their corresponding iSalus Project Manager. The purpose of the weekly touchpoint is to discuss that specific area of the system and the necessary workflows for that user group. While these weekly meeting are classified as "Superuser trainings," these meetings are not meant to replace the standard overview training videos. Superusers are still expected to review the basic training videos in order to have a basic understanding of the system, prior to the deep-dive conversations. 

Typically, the iSalus Project Manager will supply a discussion topic for the weekly touchpoint meetings, outlining the necessary objectives for the conversation. As previously mentioned, these discussions focus heavily on the prerequisite training videos. The purpose of the weekly meeting is to answer any questions, adjust workflows, and finally review and complete associated Asana tasks. 

Template Configurations

The iSalus Implementation team will ensure that your database has specialty-specific templates available for clinical documentation. However, some practices may choose to make specific template customization requests in order to customize the template for a specific practice need. Template change requests are subject to additional customization fees. Your iSalus Project Manager will work with you to determine what modifications can be made and if there will be associated fees in order to accommodate the modifications. 

Superusers are responsible for reviewing the available templates within the database. Beginning week 4, clinical Superusers will begin reviewing the available clinical templates in detail. Superusers are asked to ensure that the templates contain all necessary fields for documentation and will meet the necessary requirements for clinical charting. If changes are requested, they are to be submitted to the iSalus Implementation team for review during weeks 4-6. If modifications are agreed upon, the iSalus Customization team will begin making requested modifications in preparation for Superuser review. The review and approval process will take place during weeks 7-8.