Overview of ConnectEHR

This article will provide a high-level overview of the FHIR APIs & ConnectEHR. FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources) is a standard API framework developed by HL7 (Health Level Seven International). Similar to CCDAs and HL7 files, FHIR is a technology designed to standardize both the retrieval and writing of data between electronic health systems. ConnectEHR is a third-party solution that leverages CCDAs to allow patients to access their data via FHIR APIs. With the FHIR feature enabled, OfficeEMR will generate and send CCDAs to ConnectEHR for each completed patient encounter. This will trigger an email to be sent to the patient with instructions to activate their account. 

This feature stems from an ONC Requirement that requires certified EHRs to provide a standardized API for patients to access their data programmatically. Additionally, this feature affects the PI (Promoting Interoperability) section of the MIPS dashboard. In addition to providing a MyMedicalLocker Account, patients will also be receiving an email with account activation steps for their FHIR API account. 

Simplified Process Diagram