EHI Export for Practice (All Patients)

Performing an EHI Export for your Practice (All Patients)

First you will need to be in the EHI Export screen, and then:

  1. In the EHI Export Screen click on the New Export Request button
  2. Choose All Patients
  3. Click Request
  4. Read the Confirmation message that explains the purpose of this All Patient export is to provide you with your patient data because you are planning to leave OfficeEMR and migrating to a new EHR platform. Clicking 'No' cancels the request and no further action is needing. Clicking 'Yes' will take you to an OfficeEMR Data Export Form to gather details for our Data Export Team to process your request for All Patient data.
  5. Click the Start button to provide our Data Export Team with your practice details and other information to process your request to terminate your iSalus Healthcare Services and Export All Patient data.
  6. The final screen in the Data Export Form requests a date you need the export by (please keep in mind the time to deliver data can vary based on practice size but generally we can deliver practice data within 15 days of an official request) and the be sure to click on the   Submit button because that is how our team is notified of your request.