Manually Enter Lab Results (Summary Timeline)

Lab Results may be viewed, graphed, and manually entered with the Vitals Lab Graph screen. A user may enter several labs at a time, or enter one-off results as well.

Note: A user may also set this as the default Vitals Clinical Marker view following these steps: User Setting: Table View

  1. Open the Vitals Clinical Marker screen from the Summary Timeline in the patient chart.

  2. Open the Table view in the upper left corner to view this as a flowsheet.

  3. To add a lab result for a specific lab, click the New icon to the left of the lab group.

  4. Set the date of the lab result and enter any appropriate values.

  5. Users can now set a Result Flag Status by choosing a flag from the available list. The default is blank - no flag - which displays in the standard system font as it always has, however, when setting a flag, the color display will follow the formatting as outlined in this article. 
  6. Click Save for your entry in the lower right corner.

  7. Your data is saved - repeat step #4 above to continue entering labs for this lab group.