Company Setting: Webservice Setup Filter: Document Folder Identifiers

This company setting is used in conjunction with two other Webservice Setup Filters: Claim Procedure Codes and Problem List Diagnosis Codes. The combination of these settings assists in filtering (limiting) the number of records to be returned in the GetPatientFilterIdentifiers webservice. This setting is utilized to limit which eDocuments should be provided within the webservice response. The vendor will then utilize GetPatientFilterDataImage to submit a series of image_id(s) that will then return the corresponding base64 for the eDocument.

Default Value:  (blank) - All documents would be included in the GetPatientFilterIdentifiers response no eDocument filtering will be completed. And any eDocument added to the patient's chart will include the patient within the GetPatientFilterIdentifiers given the appropriate parameters are provided.

Options: eDocument Folder IDs (comma delimited)

Folder IDs can be found by navigating to eDocuments > Open the Cabinet, Drawer, and Folder and hover over the Folder Name. The following would be displayed:
*You may need to write access to the Folder to view the ID, this is configured within Setup > Roles