How do I add an alert to a patient's chart?

Q.  How do I add an alert to a patient's chart?

A. Patient comments can be setup as an alert in order to notify staff members of important information pertaining to a specific patient. Follow these steps to add an alert:

  1. Navigate to either the iScheduler or EMR portal. You will need to ensure that the patient's chart is open (meaning the patient's name, DOB, and gender are displayed in the upper, right-hand corner of the screen).
  2. Locate the Patient Index Card in the toolbar (the driver's license icon), and select the dropdown to the right of the index card.
  3. Select the Patient Comments option from the dropdown list.
  4. In the comments window, select the Alert checkbox.
  5. Set the effective date of the alert, and set the expiration date if needed.
  6. Select what type of alert you are creating. This tells the system when the alert should pop-up on the screen (ex: When the patient is loaded in the EMR)
  7. If necessary, you can assign the alert to a specific user or multiple users. If the alert should pop-up for every user, then omit this step.
  8. Finally, enter the alert message and click OK to save.