Release 21.05 - Release March 11th, 2021

New Features



  • EPCS Mobile 2-Factor Authentication Live:  The mobile two-factor authentication for Electronically Prescribing Controlled Substances (EPCS) is now live. Note that the Mobile EPCS only works using Chrome while the USB EPCS Tokens will only work in Internet Explorer. Any EPCS prescriber wishing to switch from the USB Token two-factor authentication process to the Mobile device two-factor authentication will need to purchase a new certificate. You can learn more about obtaining and setting this type of certificate here: EPCS IdenTrust Mobile Authentication Setup



  • U9058 - Added new preliminary Patient Statement logic:  When the new Statement overhaul process is complete, users will have the ability to hold Patient Statements based on Patient Financial Class. In anticipation of this new process, a new Hold Statment checkbox has been added with this release. If users wish to  preconfigure which Financial Classes they would like this new logic to apply to (without affecting their current Statement process), the checkbox can be found under Setup > Billing Setup  > Payers > Gear icon > Setup > Financial Class:

Updates and Bug Fixes


Performance Improvements

  • The team has been working hard to identify and optimize various processes throughout the application.   

Chrome Conversion

  • A number of windows were converted to work in Google Chrome as part of our ongoing process to allow the application to run completely on Google Chrome.


Responsible Party

  • U9057 - Added 'Minor' label to the Responsible Party screen:  If the Responsible Party for a patient is a minor, then the word 'Minor' will be displayed in red next to the DOB field on the Responsible Party screen.  This will be used in future processes related to the new Statement overhaul that our team is currently working on:


  • U11493 - Modified Accident Report 2 Connect report: The Connect report, Accident Report 2 has been modified to now include both the Patient Date of Birth and Age fields.
  • U11576 - Modified Dialysis Productivity Connect report:  The Dialysis Productivity Connect report logic has been modified to remove records that were being duplicated.