Company Setting: Removal of payments is done using the reversal process

This setting is used to modify how payments are removed on the Transaction History screen.

Payments associated with deposits can always be deleted -- this ensures that even after posting, users can resolve issues with COB balancing. 

However, in many instances, administrators want to prevent users from completely deleting past payments, as they could have been created in a prior reporting period. In this case, this company setting can be turned on. This will ensure that users do not have the ability to delete payments that originated in receipts or were added as payments directly to the transaction history. Instead, they will have the option to reverse payments. Though this practically has the same impact on a claim, it will create a new transaction with the current post date. This will offset but maintain the original transaction.

If this company setting is unchecked, users will be able to delete any type of payments as desired. However, keep in mind that this can affect payments in prior reporting periods.

Default Value:  Yes

Options:  Yes (Checked) or No (not checked)