Release 23.13 - July 27th, 2023

New Features and Updates



  • U15799 - Active Inactive User Report:  New report was added for users to list Active, Inactive and All users as well as export this list.  More information on Connect Reports can be found here.

  • U15868 - MML Connected:  Additional fields were added to the existing report including MML Requested By, MML Request Process Date, Processing User ID and Processing User Name.  More information on Connect Reports can be found here.



  • U15895 - DataMedia Patient Balance:  When a patient paid a balance outside of the payment link sent by DataMedia, continued requests for payment were made until the next Statement batch was sent.  Now a Patient Balance File will be sent via SFTP updating DataMedia nightly.

Bug Fixes



  • B15855 - Date Selection Cut Off:  Corrected an issue where the Date selection box was being cut off by the column headers for both Patient and Insurance ePayments.

User Setup

  • B15140 - EMR Soap Secondary Sign Off Percentage:  Some Providers reported the percentage of Notes being sent for secondary sign off were higher than expected.  Updated logic of the Company Settings for EMR Soap Secondary Sign Off for more accurate calculations.  


Search Recall

  • B15854 - Single Day Search Not Pulling Results:  When searching for the same begin and end date no results were returned.  Time was being included though it is hidden from view.  This was revised so that a single date would return results appropriately.


Payment Posting

  • B15921 - Payment Batches:  When a Payment Batch was opened and the date selected, the Batch date would disappear.  This has been corrected.