What changes should I expect in TOLMARsync when integrated with OfficeEMR?

The most significant change is the ability to record an Eligard injection directly within the OfficeEMR application.  A user will be able to scan the Eligard kit and record the injection in OfficeEMR without having to complete the dispense workflow in TOLMARsync.  This saves time recording the dispense and ensures accuracy when updating the order with the dispense details.

  • The first change you will notice in TOLMARsync integrated with OfficeEMR is the Dispense Widget has been removed from the TOLMARsync Inventory and Patients tab and placed into the OfficeEMR application. 

The "New Patient" button has been removed from TOLMARsync.  New patients and updates to existing patients will be applied to the patient record in TOLMARsync when an Eligard medication order is entered in OfficeEMR.