Billing Queue Setup

Billing Queue setup is the screen where a practice can assign the sections of the Billing Wheel to a specific user or group. Each section of the billing wheel has each of it's categories listed so that a user can be assigned down to the specific category level. When on the Billing Wheel a user can click the center of the wheel to see just the data points that are specifically assigned to them or their group.


  1. Open the Setup portal and then select Billing Queue under the Billing Setup group
  2. Click on the Group Section Tab to assign categories to a user or group of users in that group
  3. Click in the Default Category Assignment box and assign a user/group for an entire group of categories
  4. Click the Save button at the top of the screen to apply the category assignment
  5. Double click a specific category to assign or change a user/group assigned to that specific category
  6. Click in the Default Assignment box and assign a user/group for the category
  7. Click the Save button to Apply the Assignment
  8. Additional Assignment options are available via the Routing button.  Click the Radio button to activate and then click the magnifying glass for a list of options