Overview of the Prescription Adherence Integration with Dr. First

iSalus Healthcare is integrated directly with the RxInform module offered by Dr. First. This integration is designed to tackle the three most common reasons that patients do not fill prescriptions: Cost, Education, and Convenience.   Upon prescribing a medication, your patients will receive a secure text message with a link that provides education on the medication, cost savings coupons, and the ability to set up reminders to pick up their medication. This completely free and HIPAA compliant service is designed to increase patient adherence to the medications that you prescribe.

RxInform for Prescribers - drfirst

Provider Benefits:

  • Reinforces prescription decision 
  • No action required 
  • Increased patient engagement and satisfaction
  • Support in delivering improved clinical outcomes

Patient Benefits:

  • Extends interaction with provider beyond the encounter
  • Personalized content
  • Informative education
  • Cost savings
  • Convenience 

This integration will:

  1. Identify SMS-enabled phone numbers and make those available as options to be selected on the prescription pad at the time of prescribing.
  2. Send the patient a secure text shortly after the medication is prescribed.
  3. The text will provide a custom page for the patient that displays information about the prescription that was prescribed including discount coupons, patient education, and reminders.