Release 21.06 - Release March 25th, 2021

New Features



  • U11537 - Added Biller Action 'Followup' Functionality:  Added a new Followup Days field to the Biller Action Setup screen. This field will be used to automatically populate the Followup date when a biller action is assigned to a claim comment:

Updates and Bug Fixes


Performance Improvements

  • The team has been working hard to identify and optimize various processes throughout the application.  

21st Century Cures Act Information Blocking Updates

As part of our efforts to meet the April 5, 2021 applicability date for the 21st Century Cures Act Information Blocking Provisions, we have made several updates to the application to ensure it is capable of storing and electronically sharing the Electronic Health Information (EHI) identified by the data elements represented in the United States Core Data for Interoperability (USCDI). Those changes are as follows: 

  • Clinical Notes (SOAP/Progress notes and Order Result Narrative findings) can now be a part of the CCDA files. 
  • The addition of the patient's email address, obtained from Setup > Patients > Demographics > Email  to the CCDA summaries generated from the application.
  • The application can now capture a patient's previous name and address as part of the patient's demographics. If captured, the previous name and/or address will now display in CCDA summaries.
  • The Author of the CCDA now includes Provenance metadata including the Author Time Stamp and Organization.  
  • The vitals screen can now capture the patient's pediatric BMI Percentile, weight-for-length percentile (birth to 36 months) and head occipital-frontal circumference percentile (birth to 36 months). When these three three vitals measurements are present, they will be pulled into the CCDA files.

Click here for more information on how to set up the application, including the addition of clinical notes and meet the Information Blocking requirements.



  • U11460 - Redesigned the Claim Comments/Alerts screen:  The Claim Comments/Alerts screen layout has been redesigned by moving both the Biller Action and Followup fields to the bottom. This will both provide more space for comments as well as make them easier to read. Learn more here: Claim Comments and Biller Action Setup.


  • U11603 - Added tax IDs to new Billing Analytics:  Modified the new Billing Analytics package to include fields for Rendering Provider Tax ID, Patient Location Tax ID, and Service Location Tax ID. With this addition, location-related fields were also organized into their own folder called, 'Location' rather than being located in the 'Claim Information' folder. Learn more about Billing Analytics: New Billing Analytics