Using the Patient Survey Integration

Once the Patient Survey Integration has been configured for your practice, you will be able to start using the system to deliver surveys to your patients.

Sending Survey's to Listen360

The Patient Survey Integration with Listen360 is a completely automated process from within the iSalus application.  The integration works by recognizing when a patient's appointment status has been changed to Check Out.  When this happens, a new patient appointment file is generated and sent to Listen360 in real-time.  This provides Listen360 with information about that patient as well as details about the appointment.  This ensures that when a patient responds to the survey, you can analyze information like where they were seen, what type of appointment they were seen for, and much more.

Listen360 Patient Experience

Patients will receive a survey link via their e-mail on the same day of their appointment after they have checked out.  When clicking on this link, they will then be directed to complete the survey that you have configured.

If that patient has provided you with a favorable rating, that patient may be asked to post their review on popular sites like HealthGrades, Vitals, or Google.

Receiving Daily Updates 

Every morning, Listen360 will e-mail your team a copy of the results from the prior day. This helps you stay up to date in real-time on how patients are feeling and what they are saying about their experience.

Manage the Survey Responses using the Listen360 Dashboard

As patients complete the surveys, you can use the Listen360 Dashboard to both analyze the results and proactively reach out to unhappy customers.

Learn more about using Listen360 here: