Release 23.14 - August 24th, 2023

New Features and Updates


Global Call Reminders

  • U15560 - Preferred Language:  The Language field from the Patient Setup > Demographics will now be sent with the appointment information for Reminders.  At this time, Spanish and English are the available languages for the reminder service.  If the Language field is set to "Spanish; Castilian" the reminder will be sent in Spanish.  If it is set to anything else, the message will be sent in English.


Billing Setup

  • U15607 - Diagnosis Code Rules:  This enhancement adds the functionality from Procedure Code Validations into Diagnosis Codes.  This allows for additional criteria to be added to specific diagnosis codes for claim validation such as specific procedure code usage, modifiers or additional diagnosis requirements.  More information about this can be found here
  • U16045 - Diagnosis Code Claim Validation:  With the addition of rules for Diagnosis Codes, the claim validation will run a check of these and display any conflicts on the claim under Messages and Monitoring.   



  • U15919 - Active Inactive User Group Report:  A new Connect report was created utilizing the Active Inactive User report and adding User Group.  This will allow visibility as to which users are in multiple User Groups.  Users will be listed once per each User Group.  In the screenshot below, the user is assigned to multiple User Groups.
  • U15896 - Payment Posting by Location:  A new Connect report was created from the Payment Posting report to include a filter by location.  This will allow larger practices to select this parameter for more concise reporting.  Along with this a new Company Setting "Maximum number of rows a connect report can return." was created to minimize impact when running this Connect report.  If the max Value is exceeded, an error message will be returned.  


  • U14558 - Orders Report:  Added a new display field of Order Appt Date within the Order Processing window.  Under Display Settings, added Home Phone, Work Phone and Other Phone as optional fields.

Bug Fixes



  • B16012 - Comment Save:  When a new Comment was created some users reported the window was not refreshing so it appeared the new Comment was not saved.  The screen will now refresh to provide visual confirmation of the newly created Comment.  



  • B15737 - Email Address:   Dashes within an email address are now allowed in the Email field under Patient Setup > Demographics.  Previously users reported an error message not allowing that character.



  • B15951 - EPCS Prescribing Error:  When EPCS providers had a username that was duplicated across the global user table, those EPCS prescribers would encounter the error "One or more errors occurred. (Sequence contains more than one element)” when trying to send an EPCS prescription (which validates the user’s certificate). Because of the duplicate records based on username, the validation could not complete, and the affected prescribers could not electronically send the EPCS prescription. The stored procedure is updated to only consider unique usernames at the practice level to validate the EPCS certificate.
  • B15990 - Non ID.Me User Sending EPCS Scripts to Prescription Queue:  Non users reported only being able to send non-controlled scripts to the Prescription Queue.  This has been corrected so that controlled scripts may be created and sent to the prescription queue in a read-only access by non users with proper access.  
  • B15991 - Prescription Queue - 'Continue' Button Grayed Out:  When a provider not setup with ID.Me created a new prescription then clicked Queue, the CoverMyMeds (CMM) pop up window was graying out the <Cancel> and <Continue> buttons. This has been corrected so that real time prescription benefit checks can be processed through CMM.



  • B14758 - Appointment Type:  When scheduling an appointment, the focus is now on the Appt Type within the appointment window.  The focus had been on the Ins. Primary field which inhibited users from quickly tabbing through when scheduling an appointment.