Vitals Export

The Vitals Export extracts data related to the patient's vital records.  Below you will find a detailed definition of possible inputs and outputs.  

Data Location:  EMR > Vitals


  • Effective From:  Encounter date 
  • Effective To: Encounter fate
  •  Employer: For practices that utilize the Employer Module product, demographics can be exported based on this.  This is rare.


  • sys_id: Unique ID for vital record (vitals primary key)
  • chart_number : Unique ID for patient record (foreign key)
  • encounter_date:  Date/Time of vital entry
  • units:  Units used (E for English, M for Metric)
  • glucose: Glucose value
  • glucose_units: Glucose units (mg/dL or mmol/L)
  • lmp_date: Last menstrual period date
  • height_primary_unit:  Height primary measurement (i.e. ft)
  • height_secondary_unit: Height secondary measurement (i.e. in)
  • weight_primary_unit: Weight primary measurement (i.e. lbs)
  • weight_secondary_unit: Weight secondary measurement (i.e. oz)
  • temperature:  Temperature recorded 
  • temperature_method: Method used to record temperature
  • respirations:  Respirations record (breaths/minute)
  • head_circum:  Head circumference recorded
  • neck_circum: Neck circumference recorded
  • waist_circum: Waist circumference recorded
  • hip_circum: Hip circumference recorded
  • body_fat: Body Fat percentage
  • sitting_systolic:  Sitting Systolic Blood Pressure
  • sitting_diastolic: Sitting Diastolic Blood Pressure
  • sitting_extremity: Sitting Blood Pressure Extremity Used
  • sitting_pulse: Sitting Blood Pressure Pulse recorded (beats/min)
  • sitting_rhythm: Sitting Blood Pressure Rhythm (Regular/ Regularly Irregular/ Irregularly Irregular)
  • standing_systolic:  Standing Systolic Blood Pressure
  • standing_diastolic: Standing Diastolic Blood Pressure
  • standing_extremity: Standing Blood Pressure Extremity Used
  • standing_pulse: Standing Blood Pressure Pulse recorded (beats/min)
  • standing_rhythm: Standing Blood Pressure Rhythm (Regular/ Regularly Irregular/ Irregularly Irregular)
  • supine_systolic:  Supine Systolic Blood Pressure
  • supine_diastolic: Supine Diastolic Blood Pressure
  • supine_extremity: Supine Blood Pressure Extremity Used
  • supine_pulse: Supine Blood Pressure Pulse recorded (beats/min)
  • supine_rhythm: Supine Blood Pressure Rhythm (Regular/ Regularly Irregular/ Irregularly Irregular)
  • heart_rate: Pulse oximetry heart rate (Beats/Min)
  • o2_saturation: Pulse oximetry O2 Saturation (%)
  • delivery_method: Pulse oximetry delivery method 
  • pulse_extremity: Pulse oximetry extremity measured
  • fio2: Pulse oximetry FiO2
  • flow: Pulse oximetry flow (liters/min)
  • pain:  Pain Score (0-10)
  • comment: Comment text