My Task - Superbill

The Superbill task list within the provider's My Task List displays outstanding or incomplete superbills that still need to be completed and/or submitted. The Superbill task list is unique to each individual provider and is based on user activity. 

Navigating to the Superbill Task List

  1. In the upper, left-hand corner of the database, navigate to the My Task List and select Superbill
  2. The list will be broken down into two categories: Open and Missing
  3. Open = Superbills that have been saved but have not been released for charges. 

    • Superbills can be in the Open category when a provider forgets to save the superbill or chooses to not release the Superbill upon saving.

    Missing = Superbills that have not been started and/or saved.

    • Superbills can be in the Missing category when the provider does not complete the Superbill for a visit. For example, if a patient is checked-out of their appointment, but the Superbill has not been completed the provider will receive a notification that the Superbill is Missing. 
  4. Select a category to generate a list of task items
  5. Select the Date of Service below the patient's name to open the Superbill
  6. Complete the Superbill by adding any missing Procedure or Diagnosis codes
  7. Select Save
  8. When prompted if you wish to release the Superbill, select Yes
  9. Completed items will be crossed off the to-do list