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  1. Keys to a Successful Implementation

  2. MIPS Dashboard

  3. How to Contact Support

    Use one of the following options to contact support and create a new ticket: Create a Ticket through the Application's Support Portal Access the Support Portal by clicking on the 'headset icon' in the upper right corner of the app...
  4. Release 20.1 - May 2020

    New Features Billing Payment Posting (ERA and EOB) Overhaul:   We have completely re-imagined how the entire payment posting process should work in our application.  The process will now be more customized to your practice and will auto...
  5. Overview and Screens

  6. MU Dashboard

  7. Release Notes

  8. Unable to start a Telehealth Session

    The AnywhereCare telehealth module runs on Google Chrome specifically. When attempting to run a telehealth visit and being unable to start the visit, the below are common troubleshooting tips.  Allow Camera and Microphone Access In the Go...
  9. Payment Posting Overview

  10. Telehealth

    How to use the integrated AnywhereCare Telehealth virtual visits within the EMR.