Billing Reports

This section will include many of the billing reports available to users to run at any time.

Immunization Reporting

iSalus Healthcare currently supports querying and receiving Evaluated History and Forecast immunization messages and sending unsolicited immunization data in the HL7 v2.5.1 Release 1.5 message format. iSalus can connect to external registries/HIEs via SOAP based webservices according to the CDC 1.0 WSDL.

MIPS Dashboard

The MIPS Dashboard allows practices to track MIPS Eligible Clinician's Promoting Interoperability scores, browse Improvement Activities and extract MIPS Quality report PM and Clinical data to provide to Mingle Health for Quality Reporting. Practices track clinician performance as individuals or as a group.

MU Dashboard

The MU Dashboard allows practices to track Meaningful Use Eligible Provider Promoting Interoperability scores.

Syndromic Surveillance Reporting

The Syndromic Surveillance report allows practices to export HL7 v 2.5.1 A04 Admit and A03 Discharge Syndromic Surveillance files.

EMR Reports

EMR Reports are considered reports used to track information based on data points that may include clinical pieces of information.