Company Settings

Auto codify Problem List Codes to SNOMED

Procedure List for Vitals Timeline Wireframe Summary

Wireframe List for Vitals Timeline Wireframe Summary

CoPay receipts are applied to copay procedures

Skip auto-posting of Co-Pay receipts

Skip auto-posting of Coinsurance receipts

Skip auto-posting of Deductible receipts

Change Claim Status for Completed Procedures

Receipt Co-Pay applied to multiple procedures

Lab Result Via Collection Date

Update Company Settings

Open Dialysis Visits Chart Tab when Adding Visit

Run real time prescription benefit check (RxBC)

Company Setting: Auto Post ERA Delay

Company Setting: Create Deposit Credit Error

Company Setting: Credit Deposit Claim Status

Company Setting: Display Co-Pay on Printed Schedule

Company Setting: Resource View

Company Setting: Display Outstanding Balance on Printed Schedule

Company Settings: Full Contractual Adjustment Settings

Company Setting: Unsolicited Results Processor

Company Setting: Normal Results Processor

Company Setting: Abnormal Results Processor

Company Setting: Default Vitals units to English (vs. Metric) in the EMR

Company Setting: Maximum number days password is valid, (0=always)

Company Setting: Minimum password length

Company Setting: Most recently used password count

Company Setting: Automated Reminder Email Consent

Company Setting: Automated Reminder Text Consent

Company Setting: Automated Reminder Phone Consent