Send a Deposit to be Posted

Send a Deposit to be posted

When a user clicks Send to Posting on the Deposit Management window, the following takes place:

  1. A number of edit checks will be run to ensure the deposit should in-fact be sent to the posting process. 
    1. The system will verify there are no critical deposit errors that would prevent posting. 
    2. If the payments and deposit totals are different, the system will verify with the user that they would like to continue. 
  2. The status of the deposit is set to Sent to Posting.  Once in this state, many other features on this window become disabled.
  3. Payments will be auto-posted based on how the claim/payment information was entered.
  4. If a payment can not be posted, an error will occur.  These types of posting errors can be worked in the Payments window.
  5. The status and level of the claim will be updated based on the business rules defined by the practice.